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What is Houses & Fleets?

Let us manage your villa or yacht, we have qualified staff capable of meeting all your requests.

Looking for a villa or a yacht? Houses & Fleets works with the best
agencies, and you will be the first to receive the best offers.



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Why should you choose Houses & Fleets?

You look for a villa or a yacht and do your own market research with several agencies, but sometimes
you receive the responses very late or they do not fully meet your needs.

Houses & Fleets saves your time and offers you the most extensive range of options fully in line with
your expectations and at the price most suitable for you.


Houses & Fleets, a wide range of quality services for pampering yourself with luxury.

They recommend Houses & Fleets

Everything I expected, and more! Guests were so excited

A2Z Company

I highly recommend
Houses & Fleets for property management!

Anny Shaw

A fabulous reception! It is a great happiness to go on vacation and not have problems with the villa and the staff, thanks, Houses & Fleets.

Richard Gray

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